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Rite-lite 2 L.E.D. Shade Matching Light

Rite-lite 2 L.E.D. Shade Matching Light

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To be their best, your restorations must match natural tooth color—a difficult job under artificial lights and changing day-light conditions.

For consistent esthetic color perception from day to day, patient to patient, operatory to lab, the Rite·lite™ LED Shade Matching Light is a must. Rite·lite produces an even circle of natural light (5500°K equivalent) directly over patients’ mouths. By providing a “neutral” light environment around the restorative area, the shade matching process can be greatly simplified, helping deliver your best and avoid costly remakes!

Only 7" long, Rite·lite operates on two AA batteries for total portability without cumbersome cords. It has an array of six white LED lights that are rated for 30,000 hours of life. Solid steel casing provides lasting durability and may be surface disinfected.

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